Jun 26 2020

Should You Invest Your Money in an Esports Tournament App

Posted by Arnika Gupta

Esports has become a traditional amusement for society across the globe as this sector is gaining more attention from players. The growth rate of Esports is expected to reach 10 percent in 2022 as the company is generating abundant amounts of profit for the shareholders and investors as it impacts on large customers. If we talk about the yearly revenue of this sector, in 2022 this particular industry will earn 2568 Million and will become a billion-dollar business. All these facts encourage a business owner to think about Esports Tournament App Development services. 

  • Esports players are professionally showing their gaming skills on social media platforms. 
  • Another report has shown that the amount that is arranged for cash prizes in Esports is more than $74 Million worth. 
  • Another Esports growth example can be seen on youtube where players promote this business by sharing tips and tricks. 
  • Investors and shareholders are looking for Esports projects to invest their valuable capital to earn a high rate of returns.

Gradually the demand for esports is growing globally and fans are giving preference to multi-players, fighting games, multi battle games online, real-time strategy making games, First-person shooting games, and so on. Fans are growing on a constant basis and the industry is gaining billion-dollar revenue share. So why are you confused? Just think about it. If you are thinking about How I can arrange money, I want to tell you that you do not need to worry about capital. 

Why to Invest in Esports Tournament Platform Development?

  • Think about fan following of counter strike, fortnite, leagues of legends, Dota-2, CSGO, call of duty are gaining huge fan followings. Entrepreneurs are looking for investment in this sector.
  • Professional level players always look something different, something competitive and something adventures to play. Esports allow them to play in competition so they can scale up their skills. 
  • A new innovation that you can see in this industry is the Esports tournament platform that allows the players to play the game. 
  • If a player wishes to earn money by playing a game then it allows the player to win cash prizes.

Now Esports is becoming a hobby and business also. IT companies are considering Esports as a next-level opportunity that can help to grow their businesses. In the USA, India, China, and South Africa, companies are getting a large customer base and a positive response in this field. People are adopting outsourcing services and offering so many varieties of Esports and gaming app development services like Poker game app development, fantasy sports app development, and PUBG game app development services. 

Earning money is the biggest motto of any business and in a corporate world people. Athletes can make their career in this field. After spending years practicing sportspeople are now looking for a career opportunity in this field. You should invest your money in this field. 

Features that must be considered while developing an esports platform. 

# In terms of user experience, this platform allows the users to feel real-life gaming experience.

# Users should be able to access dashboard information and this should be user-friendly. 

# Push notification features should be included in the application. 


Esports industry could be a boon for you and your capital. You must think about investing in this business. Esports industry is growing on a constant basis and getting fan followings. Present situation is not very easy to tackle so do not waste your time and energy just start your esports business. Mobiweb technologies is a renowned Esports app development company that can help you to design a user-engaging website and application. So connect with us and achieve your dreams. 

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