Jul 05 2021

Is Online Ludo Game Transforming The Online Gaming Industry?

Posted by Arnika Gupta

Throughout and later the lockdown also, Indians became confused with online sports. We received to remain apart from them – at the roof. Nevertheless, we also got to operate from the house, purchase from the house, party at home, and even entertain ourselves. As children, we all performed board games like Carrom, Ludo, and Monopoly etc. These plays are all possible in identical form but with some continued choices online on our desktops, laptops, and mobiles. One of these games that captured the consciousness of millions of users has been the Online Ludo Game. The game has shifted so familiarly with its users that all gaming company has unique ludo game developers in their team, and if they don’t have one, they can choose ludo game developers. Ere going into the other features of Ludo game app development, let us study the basics of the Ludo Game. 

Regarding the Ludo Game

Ludo is an Indian Board game that can have pair or four members. Each performer returns, throwing the cubes and going forward as several steps as shown on the cubes. The champion is the one who comes to the home position availability. The online game has various options developing from various companies. The principal methods of any Ludo game include the following:

-Guest Mode

-Online Multiplayer Mode

-Play with Friends

-Online/Offline Mode

Besides this, the online ludo game also has problems from which the user can choose a preferred one while performing the game. Communication is yet another option. The user can perform the game practising any of the styles that suit them adequately. Competitions, rankings, and rewards make the game even more interesting, and these all are a portion of the online Ludo game. Overall, the competition is free.

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The Popularity of the Ludo Game App

Some of the factors that provided to the Ludo game app becoming a family name in India are:

The Lockdown

It was someplace in 2018 that Indian gaming fans had risen to watch for online sports. Nevertheless, the full potential of online sports was accomplished only in 2020 when the Gov. of India ordered a universal lockdown. Throughout the lockdown season, the pair information that expanded value was the OTT platform and Online Gaming. Online gaming also expanded since it was succeeding the slogan “STAY HOME STAY SAFE”. India is currently the most meaningful emerging business for gaming downloads. 

Highest Rise in Board Games

Of all the portions of games remaining performed online, the highest rise has been recorded in board game development services. As youthful as 25 and as old as 55, users play board games like Ludo. The Ludo game has freshly seen a surge in the number of women working this game.


The Ludo game is available on multiple programs such as Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS. The highest quantity of users exists for Android in the Asian continent and on iOS for the Americas and Europe. Ludo is an Indian game, but its online complement became global when possible on these three platforms.

Be a Part of This Transformation

The Indian gaming market has the most maximum of users in the youth division. The Indian gaming business has a wealth of $930 million and is anticipated to develop by 41%. Ere 2019, the Indian gaming business was a second-class scene, but all developed with the lockdown. Manageable games like Ludo took over from sports like PUBG. Before the lockdown, India had 300 million mobile gamers, but this aggregate observed a precipitous rise by 200% in the user base within a year. In just three months, the Ludo game had more than 400 million installs. The Ludo game app has become the app of the nation. So what are you waiting for? It is a great time you had one of your personal Ludo games. Hire game developers from a Ludo Game or fantasy sports app development company and get going.


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