Feb 24 2022

How to Build Your Own Casino Roulette Game

Posted by Arnika Gupta

Roulette has been there for centuries. Still, it is one of the most popular casino games. The casino game app development solution and technology advancement have a crucial role in increasing the popularity of Roulette. Today, players can enjoy roulette from the comfort of their home, while getting the feeling of land-based casinos. Due to this convenience and added fun, players love to play Roulette more than ever. Therefore, creating a roulette game app is a lucrative step. You can gain a huge number of customers and excellent returns on your investment. 

However, both online casino and gaming markets are full of competition. And you must be mindful of this. You need to come up with a feature-rich and advanced roulette game app that can satisfy increasing player demands and outperform the competition.

This guide will help you understand all the necessary aspects of roulette game development, including features, technologies, cost, and more. 

Features of Roulette Game Application 

It is essential to add all the important and engaging features to attract players and encourage them to keep coming back. Here is a list of some crucial features you must include in your roulette game. 

User Panel Features

User Registration/Login

Users must register and log in themselves to play the game. This helps ensure a secure and safe gameplay.  

Wheel Spinner 

A wheel spinner is the most important feature that allows players to spin the wheel easily and try their luck. 

Score Comparison 

Allow players to compare their scores with other players or friends in their gaming community. These features help make the game competitive and boost players’ gaming spirits. 


There should be an advanced leaderboard for displaying the winning outcomes, scores, ongoing matches, winners, etc. With this feature, players can stay up to date and make quick decisions during the game. 

Referral Bonus 

A referral bonus system is a proven strategy to get more players and retain the existing ones. You can offer exciting bonuses to the players if they refer your game app to their friends or other players. 

Achievement Badges

Like referral bonuses, achievement badges help to retain and keep players engaged for a long time. Players are awarded for their game achievements at different levels, which encourages them to play more. 

Multiple Payment Gateways 

There should be multiple payment modes to offer payment flexibility and convenience to the players. They should be able to do payment with their preferred mode such as card, cryptocurrency, PayPal, etc. 

Admin Panel Features


Your roulette game platform must include a comprehensive admin for smooth and effective management of all the crucial aspects. 

Player Management 

The player management module helps the admin to manage participants’ accounts and activities such as scoring, number of participated matches, etc. quite seamlessly. 

Game Management 

With this feature, the admin can manage all the game-related data and operations efficiently. 

Customer Support 

There must be an in-built customer support system for offering quick yet effective support to the queries of players.

Transactions Management 

You must integrate a financial management tool to allow the admin to track and manage all the monetary transactions. 

Game Design 

Now you know all the key features to be added to your roulette game. The next most important aspect is to design the game. When designing a roulette game, you must emphasize adding intuitive design components and keep the UIUX user friendly. Because adding too many creative or complicated design components may confuse players and make them abandon the game quickly. However, you also need to focus on making the game look attractive and interesting to the players. For this, you can use simple yet eye-catching design components, color pallets, and images. 

Moreover, you must cover below essential components below when designing the roulette game:

An ImageView to show the wheel 

A button to spin the roulette wheel

A TextView to show the outcome of the wheel’s spin

A triangle ImageView pointing to the section of the wheel with a ball. 

Technologies For Roulette Game Development 

If you are planning a roulette game app for Android, you can use technologies like Java, ROR, Node JS, Kotlin, and Laravel. For iOS roulette game apps you consider using Swift, Objective C, Node JS, ROR, and Laravel. For the database, you can use MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite, HBase, and IBM DB2. For the front-end development, you can use frameworks like jQuery, Vue JS, HTML5, Angular JS, CSS3, React JS, and Bootstrap.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Roulette Game App?  

As with other game apps, the cost of building a roulette game app will depend on several factors, such as: 

Platform (iOS or Android or Hybrid)


Game Design 

Hiring Roulette Game Developers 

Location of the developers 

Additional Functionality 

Advanced Technology Integration (Cryptocurrency, AR/VR, etc.)

 The cost will vary according to your specific choices and requirements regarding all the above aspects. Thus, it is difficult to mention the exact cost figure. However, you may need to spend between $2000 to $3000.

Build an Engaging Roulette Game App with Mobiweb Team

While this was all the crucial information for building a roulette game app, there are more other things like marketing, promotion, launch, etc. needed to make it a successful casino business. It is wise to reach out to the experts for end-to-end roulette game development solutions. Mobiweb Technologies is one of the leading game development companies specializing in roulette game development and many other gaming solutions. We help you create an engrossing and feature-rich roulette game app or software based on your unique ideas and requirements.

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