Jan 07 2022

How Non-Sports Categories are Trending in the Fantasy Sports Market?

Posted by Arnika Gupta

Developing a fantasy sports application is absolutely a lucrative decision. But, how can you make it successful? How can you attract a good deal of players? It is essential to consider all such questions before you invest in the fantasy sports app development idea. Of course, there are numerous ways to acquire and retain players for your fantasy app. However, staying abreast of the latest fantasy sports trends is the most essential of them. You must include emerging trends in your fantasy sports app to fetch users’ attention and gain an excellent engagement rate. Non-sports categories are one of these trends you need to consider. By integrating trending non-sports categories you can provide an exceptional experience to the players, which entices them to stay on your fantasy app for long. We have created a list of some most popular non-sports categories and leagues that you can include in your app for overall improved business outcomes. 

Stocks and Forex 

Stock trading is no less than rocket science for newbies. However, the great combination of fantasy sports and stock trading has made them breathe a sigh of relief. Now, newbies can master stock trading within a matter of days with this fun way of learning. In fantasy stock trading, players can use virtual money to purchase or sell shares available in the indices. They can also create virtual teams of stocks and track their ranking for the day. The best part is players can compete against a number of stock market enthusiasts worldwide. Many fantasy stock apps come with analytics tools to offer accurate and helpful insights about actual stock trends. 

An increasing number of stock trading enthusiasts and professional stock traders are inclined to play fantasy stock games. Therefore, integrating this non-sports category into your app will be advantageous. Invstr and Stokry are the best examples of fantasy share trading apps you can take inspiration from. 

Fantasy Celebrity Leagues

Celebrities always have a great influence on every industry sector, be it fashion, lifestyle, or gaming. People love to follow their favorite celebrities. And the ability to play with these celebrities is a dream come true for them. Thanks to fantasy celebrity leagues app development for making this possible. Fans can now guess the behavior of celebrities in various TV shows and earn exciting prizes for the same. As there is a massive celebrity fan following, investing in the fantasy celebrity leagues software development will be lucrative. You can include different celebrity leagues, such as fantasy movie star leagues, fantasy award leagues, fantasy reality tv leagues, and more. 


eSports already have an enormous fan base. Fantasy sports app development has been taking eSports fans’ experience to the next level. Fantasy eSports software allows fans to enjoy their favorite eSports titles and tournaments in a novel way. They can form virtual eSports teams for FIFA and other titles and win interesting points according to their performances. You can include a variety of eSports leagues and games into your fantasy sports platform such as Pubg, CS: Go, Dota 2, and many more. Considering the huge number of eSports audiences and players, you can surely gain an adequate user base for your fantasy eSports platform. 

TV Reality Shows 

Almost half of the world’s population watch different reality TV shows, be it musical, dancing, or others. Besides just watching these shows they can now predict their results and earn amazing points or rewards for the same. And this is possible with fantasy reality tv show platforms. With this rewarding experience, fans can stay connected with their favorite TV stars. If you are a reality TV show or operate in the same area, you can consider this as a great opportunity for success. You can create an engaging fantasy sports platform for your TV show or build a fantasy sports app with several popular reality shows like The Bachelor, Survivor, The Bachelorette, and more. This will not only help you generate additional revenue but also help increase viewership and build brand value. 


Politics has always been the major subject of interest worldwide. Billions of people access the world, follow politics, and love to stay updated about political happenings. Therefore, developing a political fantasy application is an intelligent decision. You can either build a season-long or daily fantasy political app that can attract the attention of political fans. A fantasy political platform allows users to utilize their political knowledge for earning rewards and points. They can make predictions about election results or a particular decision and win prizes if the prediction goes right. 

Build a Stunning Fantasy Sports App with Popular Non-sports Categories  

Impressed with all the above non-sports and their usability in the fantasy sports area? If yes, it is high time to create a unique fantasy sports app with these categories or include them in your existing fantasy app. Mobiweb Technologies can help you with a feature-pact and engrossing fantasy sports platform with all the major non-sports mentioned above. We have skilled fantasy sports app developers who have hands-on experience in developing excellent fantasy sports applications. 

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