Sep 25 2020

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Ludo Game App?

Posted by Arnika Gupta

Board games are quite popular among all the age groups across the globe. The rise of digital technology has completely changed the way board games were played. The mobile application development has made the new generation to play popular board games like Ludo on their mobile phones. With its increasing popularity, Ludo games have been widely played across the globe. The enterprises who want to build a Ludo game application development must take mobile application development services

Ludo and its modes

Ludo is a multiple coloured (red, yellow, blue and green) board game with cross-shaped squares. A maximum of four players can play with four tokens. Usually, the game is played between two to four players where they race with their tokens from a starting point and roll the single dice to reach the finishing point early. There are several versions which are popular across different locations with the option of single and multi-player. 

The four modes available in the ludo game app makes it more popular. The modes are:

1 Computer: This is the basic mode with the computer as an opponent player.

2 Local: The user can select any of the friends as an opponent with the same device.

3 Multiplayer worldwide: The opponent can be selected from any location in the world.

4 Multiplayer private: The user can choose the opponent from their known ones in family or friends.

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Must-have Features of Ludo Game App

Invite Friends: 

The users should be allowed to create a room and send a code to invite friends through any social media platform. This code enables the opponent to join the game from anywhere in the world. 

Invite and Earn: 

This feature will give the user’s bonus points when they invite their friends and family. More users will be invited to install and play this game which will be beneficial for the ludo game app owners.

Real Money: 

When some amount of budget is involved in the game, the player gets the required simulation. It will make that the user stay engaged in the game and play more to earn more. The Ludo game app owners will increase their profit shares and pull more users. 

Offline Mode: 

This mode will allow the users to play without the internet when there are some issues or there is no internet connection at someplace. 

Free Bonus: 

Users can have an access to advanced levels and win bonus points every day. The players will be stimulated to earn free points and thus increase the app usage. 

Factors affecting the cost of developing a Ludo game app

Design of the game:

It is important to have an easy to use interface and engaging design for your ludo game app. The overall budget should be set in such a way that it can give the best possible design for the users. 

Mobile app platform

The cost of developing a ludo game app is dependent on the type of platform selected among Android, iOS, windows or react native. 

App size: Including all the advanced features in the application will influence its size and overall development cost of the application. 

Advanced features

Adding more advanced features will demand more time and cost.

Developer costs: The cost of development varies from region to region and also depends on the expertise of the mobile app development company

An estimate of Ludo app development cost

For the calculation of the exact figure, the requirement of the client’s needs to be mapped against the efforts and time required for the project. If dedicated developers for a Board game development app are hired on a per hour basis, then you might save a few bucks as only you will be responsible for the overall management of the project. If you choose to hire a professional game development company then this aspect can be taken care of by the project manager. 


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