Apr 10 2019

How Much Does it Cost to Create Music App like TikTok & Musical.ly

Posted by Arnika Gupta

Today, music app industry has been completely changed, redefined and given new wings to the way we interact with the music and videos. TikTok app is one of the most fascinating and innovative ways of creating and sharing short videos, which attracts millions of youths. In 2018, TikTok generated more than 660 million worldwide downloads. It became world’s most downloaded app surpassing the downloads record of PUBG, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram in the year 2018.

Music Apps like TikTok and Dubsmash have a great revenue potential and this is the reason why a lot of startups having their eyes in creating similar apps like TikTok.

Music apps like TikTok, Pandora and Spotify bought revolution in the field of music app industry in a very less time and have completely changed the idea of music streaming. At present TikTok is world’s most popular music-video sharing app. According to Apptrace, the TikTok app is currently available in 154 countries. India is also one of the countries whose youngsters are attracted by TikTok, there are now more than 20 million active users in India.

How TikTok App Works?

Earlier known as Musical.ly, TikTok is a Chinese Music Video Platform that allows users to lip-sync to the famous songs and dialogues from movies and other events like in Dubsmash. The app is created for complete entertainment and it is really fun to use. User can create and upload videos on TikTok and also can share them on social media platforms including Facebook & Instagram. Including video creation, users can also enjoy watching videos uploaded by others, chat with their friends and can edit videos by using various filters, special effects and stickers.

How to Earn Money From Music Apps Like TikTok:


TikTok, previously known as Musical.ly has recently received a funding of $100 millions from investors. For fundraising, you have to connect with investors and explain the app idea to them.If they believe that your app has potential than they will surely invest in your app.

In-app purchase

In-app purchase relates to allowing user to upgrade to premium version by paying a small amount so that he/she can become eligible to use more exciting features. TikTok doesn’t use this idea but if you are looking to create a music app than in-app purchase would be the perfect way of earning for you.

Selling the app

Once your app become successful and popular among your targeted audience than you can sell the app by contacting entrepreneurs or businesses. You can share the revenue possibility of the app with them. If your app has a good amount of active users and is gaining popularity than it will be easy for you to sell the app.


If you want to earn revenues without selling the app than you can go for app advertisement. You can display ads for other companies and events to earn good amount of money. Choose the advertising model as per your requirement  like Cost per click, Cost per install etc.

tik-tok app development

How To Make A Successful Music App Like TIKTOK/Musical.ly:

So as to start your media app business, you have to search for masters in this area. Before going for TikTok like Mobile app development you need to clear about the development strategies.

Here are some steps you should follow if you are planning to create an effective Music app like TikTok:

Follow App Store Guidelines:

Before the development of a mobile application, we must purse the app store guidelines. Both the app stores, Google Play Store and App Store have some rules to follow. Make sure your app is not the carbon copy of your competitor.

Design an Approach for Your Music App:

Research the various styles to determine which you think is most effective and professional. Then develop your own creativity for a music app to make it different from others.

Add Unique and Advanced Features:

Whenever the user downloads your app, they all look for the new, unique and innovative features. You have to make sure to add such unique features in your application with the basic features. Make a deep analysis of all the features of the apps, find out the competitor’s loopholes and make a clever move with a set of new features for the users. Design and develop the latest features you can add which are not available in other apps.

Choosing the Right Partner:

Creating the music application is like a hard nut to crack. It would be most effective if you hire experienced music app development partner that have the ability to make such an app which is new, innovative, attractive and can create advanced features of music app like TikTok.

Location-Based Ideas:

We can not position and cater the app globally at the initial stage. Target the specific location and spectators, as this will help to market your application easily. It is an important factor that allows the user to build a connection for the long term. Once your app has become a hot topic in the market, then you can expand and promote it globally.

Make it Simple:

We must provide a simple user interface to the users.

One of the biggest reasons why every user loves TikTok is it’s simple user interface. It can be used easily by anyone because of its simple interface. It doesn’t takes time for the user to understand its functionalities and that matters a lot for TikTok. Its ease of use helps users to stay there which increases their engagement for a long time on the app.

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Features and Functionalities required to create a music app like TikTok:

If you are interested in creating a music mobile app like TikTok than you should be aware of important features and functionalities provided by the app. Following are some important features and functionalities of TikTok:

User Application Features

  • Simple user interface
  • Make hearts currency
  • Express tools
  • Social feature
  • Hashtags & Challenges
  • Sign up/ Sing in
  • Search & Filter
  • Follow users
  • Find and Connect
  • Face Filters and Effects
  • Notifications
  • Upload Video
  • Video Editing
  • Settings

Admin Panel (Backend Panel)

  • Dashboard
  • Manage Users
  • Manage reported posts
  • Comments/Replies Management
  • Reported User Management
  • Push Notification

Cost to Create an App Like TikTok & Muscal.ly:

The total cost of developing a music app platform like TikTok depends on a number of factors like allocation of resources, technologies to use, features, number of platforms (Android, iOS) and number of hours multiplied by cost per hours.can vary on the basis of customer requirement, location, and functionality of the application. Cost can vary on the basis of customer requirement, location, and functionality of the application.   If you are looking to create a music video app like TikTok and want to know the cost of Music app development, get in touch with Mobiweb’s Mobile App development experts via Livechat. Mobiweb is a trustworthy Mobile app development company having expertise in creating extraordinary and engaging apps for all major platforms. Start Livechat now!

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