Oct 30 2020

How Healthcare Mobile App Can Help to Survive in Coronaconomy?

Posted by Arnika Gupta

In the past few months, we have learned so much about COVID-19 and future pandemic threats. The pandemic has triggered a huge crisis all over the world. As the number of infections continues to increase by the spread of coronavirus in the world, the MedTech startups and healthcare app development companies are bringing online services and applications to the market. They help in tracking the virus, keeping a check on symptoms and giving advice on preventing exposure, and even offer testing methods to keep a check on exposure risk.

Ways in which healthcare mobile app helps

The healthcare software development can facilitate the strategy of pandemic and response in such ways which are difficult to achieve manually. When the people finally came out of their homes amidst this pandemic, the mHealth app development is helping to avoid another big wave of infections.

The healthcare app developers found better ways to trace the recent contacts of individuals who have tested positive with the highly infectious novel coronavirus. Before the healthcare app development services, there was a team of public health workers who used to talk to people on the phone or face-to-face. This process is very time-consuming and can even take weeks in complicated situations with multiple contacts. The researchers are taking advantage of medical app development and trying to get tracing done in just a few hours.

Healthcare apps – Backbone of an economy

During this pandemic, the healthcare domain is playing an exceptional role in educating people and saving their lives. The healthcare app development companies are joining hands with MedTech startups to use digital platforms and help people to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. From medicine delivery applications to online fitness applications and on-demand doctors’ applications are looking after people’s emotional, mental, and physical health in the situation of panic.

The healthcare professionals and healthcare software development companies are raking webinars, live sessions, and recorded videos to help people in fighting negativity, depression, and anxiety. There is an on-time delivery at the doorstep by the on-demand medicine delivery apps to protect the people who are afraid of coming in touch with the virus.

Healthcare apps after COVID-19 breakdown

The outbreak of coronavirus triggered the wave of healthcare apps and online tools for testing and diagnosing.

DocClocker app developed by Fast Pathway and created by practicing medical physicians enables the patients to get real-time waiting of their medical providers. This limits the exposure risks as the patients now avoid to wait for long hours in the medical waiting rooms.

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TempTraq is launched by Blue Spark Technologies, is a disposable temperature monitor which constantly monitors the body temperature for 72 hours. The doctors can remotely monitor the patient with no contact and thus eliminate contamination of devices.

COVID-19 risk index is developed by Minneapolis-based Carrot Health and predicts the communities and populations which are highly susceptible to the negative impacts of this pandemic. This is developed to keep the people informed at the national, regional, and community levels by picking out the most vulnerable one.

TytoHome is a remote examination device and enables isolated patients in hospitals or at home to perform self-examinations with clinic-quality. Then, they can coordinate with doctors to assess the symptoms at a safe distance.



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