Jan 16 2019

Aviation Industry: Ready to Take Off With Blockchain Technology

Posted by Arnika Gupta

Blockchain Technology is driving the present business development and demonstrating the way for the next decade. With industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Banking, and Financial Services seeing the use-cases of blockchain technology except for the Aviation Industry. Truth be told, blockchain technology, when executed in the correct way, could be a standout among the most groundbreaking innovations for the aviation industry.

Aside from making exchanges secure, Blockchain Technology has a wide extent of usage in aviation industry. Blockchain Technology for the aviation industry is fit for facilitating numerous functions like Customer data management, flight activities, checking up, maintenance, fixing upgrade etc. At the point when contrasted with the blockchain, traditional technologies are incapable when connected to these zones as they do not have the components of unwavering quality, straightforwardness, and assurance which are offered by the Blockchain technology.

Why Blockchain Development Services are preferable for the Aviation Industry?

Blockchain Technology is a digital ledger that stores digital records of information in a decentralized manner. These records can are used to contain financial as well as any other valuable information.

Blockchain Technology for aviation industry holds numerous abilities for applications. Because of its capacity of being decentralized, blockchain’s feature of putting away data on an advanced record makes it very popular and safe among the aerospace industry. In addition to this, other vital information like customer data, booking, payments, airports security, immigration, hotels, etc can also be stored on the Blockchain.

Use-cases of Blockchain Technology in the Aviation Industry

Data Security:

Blockchain Technology could be a great help to address cyber security and privacy concerns of the aviation industry. This technology can also help to regularize and govern apt use of drones by storing information about the drone and its operator and securely distributing it to all appropriate parties. Passenger records, as well as crew information of airlines,  can easily be kept secure to avoid any mishap and misuse of identities.

Identity Management:

Blockchain Technology can be used with bio-metrics and mobile devices to verify the identity of the passengers. This could enable a smoother and better experience for the passenger, as compared to the verification of physical IDs at multiple checkpoints.

Supply Chain Tracking:

Blockchain Technology could have beneficial effects throughout the aviation supply chain. The shared database that blockchain provides would make it easier to track quality and compliance for products and components from manufacture to implementation.

Cut Down in Maintenance Cost:

Blockchain Technology has the potential to revolutionize the maintenance process of airlines. From maintenance to repair and overhaul suppliers to flight operations performance monitoring. It can also drive down the huge cost of plane maintenance. Further, airlines can avoid running wasteful work.

Check-in Through Tokenization:

Presently, airplane tickets are either electronic or paper-based. With the execution of Blockchain technology, the need for paper tickets can be completely abolished and tokenization of e-tickets would be possible through smart contracts.

Finding your Blockchain Technological partner is a dubious thing. It requires investment and exertion, all the more so in the event that you plan that blockchain will be a major rigging in your business. Mobiweb Technologies is the right place to explore the gamut of Blockchain Development services that can help you increase in your business productivity.

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