Sep 11 2020

7 Must have Features in Healthcrae Mobile Application

Posted by Arnika Gupta

Healthcare Mobile App Development is on the rise in recent years, thanks to the features of mHealth apps. The users find them very convenient and valuable for medical treatment. The features may be different in various health apps but the expected result for all of them is the same.

The features make life easier for patients and hospitals as well, they can keep track of their results, pay their bills and much more. It is equally useful for doctors. For any Healthcare provider, the trends in Healthcare app development should be the point of focus. It is estimated that shortly, the market share of mobile health will reach 46 billion US dollars.

Let’s move ahead with the must-have features in any Healthcare Mobile App.

Video Conferencing Features with Telemedicine:

One of the most prominent innovations in healthcare app development is the video conferencing feature of telemedicine solutions. This technology will enable a patient to have an urgent doctor consultation from home rather than going to see a doctor. It expands the medical practice for doctors by reducing the number of empty time slots for consultations. 

Booking Features:

The Healthcare mobile app should have a booking feature. This feature is sure to be valuable to the users as they can check the availability of the doctors and pick up a suitable time to meet the doctor. This feature is sure to allure even the one who is hesitant to use new technology.

An E-prescription Feature:

The E-prescription feature in the healthcare app is cherished by people. This concept enables doctors to generate and send prescriptions with all the important details that accompany them. This improves communication and enhances the patient’s satisfaction. In addition to this, a built-in pharmacy lookup feature can be combined to check if the drugs for prescription are available nearby.

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A “Share your Progress” Feature:

If the application has to do something with sports and fitness, then this feature should be added. This enables the user to share their progress with others on the application. It becomes a friendly competition and bragging about how well someone is doing. An in-app community can also be created where the users can compete with each other on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Wearable devises Connection Feature:

This is a very advanced feature which cannot be seen in all the healthcare applications. This feature becomes a necessity when a healthcare app is being developed to work with some wearable device like bands, watches or trackers. It helps in monitoring health and fitness and it pairs with the IoT technology that exists everywhere. 

Blockchain and Cloud Integration:

The blockchain integration helps in maintaining the security of the patient’s data storage and transfer. It also safeguards the networks against fraud. 

Cloud integration enables the patient to access their health records and other data anytime and anywhere. This accessibility is demanded by modern patients.

Custom API Integration:

This feature is developed based on the latest APIs which enable the application to perform smoothly. All the top mobile health apps have APIs which allow the patients to control their data. With custom API features, the data can also be synced in the application with a website patient profile.

Final Words

Innovations in the Healthcare app development are going to come along but the ones mentioned above should be on your radar. You need not follow the entire list and can jump off to some better ideas of your own. However, these features became a common practice now and you might not see the expected engagements if any of the features is lacking.

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