Dec 29 2021

10 Lottery Games You Must Offer on Your Online Lottery Platform

Posted by Arnika Gupta

Are you looking to set-up an online lottery business? Or Looking to invest in online lottery software development? In either case, you must have knowledge about growing competition in this market. The online lottery industry is competitive, which means sustaining and succeeding in any digital lottery business will be challenging. For this, the ultimate solution is to offer interesting and powerful gaming content. Yes, players are attracted to the platform offering a wide variety of engaging lottery games. No matter how robust your online lottery software is, it can’t make enough of a user base without having a good assortment of games. 

But, what games do you need to provide to the players for better engagement? This blog post provides you with a list of the seven best lottery games that not only engage players but help you generate a good deal of revenue. 

US MegaMillions 

US MegaMillions is one of the top American lottery games renowned for their massive prizes. It is a US lotto giant that has a record of offering the 2nd largest prize worth $648 million, in lotto history. It is a must-have lottery game for your platform as a huge number of players participate in it. It can be planted in 46 US jurisdictions or 44 US states.

US Powerball 

After MegaMillions, powerful is one of the most played American lotteries. What makes this lottery so popular is its dynamism, strength, and of course huge prize pools. It was invented in 1998 but emerged as a game-changer in 2012 by changing several lottery rules. The guess range in the US Powerball got narrower and its initial jackpot was almost doubled. Due to its huge prize pools and game rules, US Powerball has managed to secure a place in the best lottery games. By offering US Powerball on your lottery platform, you surely generate more traffic and revenue. 


EuroMillions is one of the popular international lottery games with high prizes of up to €190 million. Nine European countries, including Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Ireland, Portugal, the U.K., Spain, and Switzerland take part in this lottery. In 2013, EuroMillions paid out the highest prize in its history, which was a sum of $190 million. In EuroMillions, players need to select seven correct numbers to win the prizes. The lottery also offers Superdraws having a jackpot of €100 million, regardless of previous payouts. Seeing the popularity of EuroMillions, it is wise to include this lottery game into your platform to acquire more players. 


Keno is an immensely popular lottery game invented in China. It is a card-based lottery cum gambling game mostly played at casinos. Seeing its popularity, an increasing number of online lottery platforms have started offering Keno games to their players. The cards or tickets used in Keno have squares with numbers from 1 to 80. Bettors can place bets by selecting numbers on the cards. The payouts are dedicated according to the count of numbers the player selects and the count of numbers that are “hit”. This is multiplied by the proportion of the bettor’s original bet to the paytable’s “base rate”. Keno has several popular variations such as Klub Keno, Instant Keno, Vegas Keno, Keno Jackpot, and many more.


Eurojackpot is the youngest European lottery, which is still counted amongst the most popular lottery games. Compared to EuroMillion, EuroJackpot has more participating countries, and the number is around 14. Out of 50 players required to match five correct numbers and 2 more numbers out of 10 to win Eurojackpot prizes. Eurojackpot is widely popular for its massive jackpots that start at €10 million. This lottery offers 12 draws and prizes every Friday. 

Online Bingo 

Bingo is a popular and oldest game of chance played worldwide especially in countries like Japan, the UK, and the US. It was invented in the 16th century in Italy. In Bingo, players need to match numbers on various card arrangements with the random numbers drawn by the game host. Players can cross off the called numbers on their cards automatically with the auto-daub feature. Bingo may differ based on the number of balls used in the game. Bingo game is interesting as it can be played in several ways. There are many Bingo variations popular across the world, such as Bingo Happy, Absolute Bingo, Bingo Infinity, Bingo Superstar, and many more. 

Mystery Boxes 

Mystery Box is one of the modern lottery games that has been attracting an increasing number of players. In the Mystery Box game, players need to set up an account and add some money to browse different surprise boxes that are usually offered in a specific brand or theme. All the surprise boxes contain some sort of goodies from big brands like Nike, Apple, and more. Users can check the winning probability and other information on the boxes. Also, Mystery Box games do not make people wait for a long time to know the results. They can open the boxes by simply clicking on them. The boxes may contain goodies like watches, shoes, t-shirts, and more. The best part is, users can return the goodies if they don’t find them useful or if they don’t want them. Popular online platforms like DrakeMall, Hypedrop, and more offer mystery boxes.


Existing since the 1950s, SuperEnalotto is a popular Italian lottery game. SuperEnalotto conducts draws every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. In this lottery game, players need to match six numbers out of 90. Players matching all of these numbers win the jackpot. Not just jackpots, but SuperEnalotto also offers five types of prizes players can win. The biggest single-ticket jackpot in the history of SuperEnalotto was worth $248 million.

OZ Lotto

Oz Lotto is an Australian lottery game invented in 1994. Owned by Tatts Group, OZ Lotto is known as Australia’s first completely national lottery. OZ lotto draws take place on Tuesdays at 8:30 pm AEST and there are seven draws and prizes. It offers jackpots starting at $ 2 million and the largest prizes offered by OZ lotto to date, was worth $112 million. 

Lotto Max 

Lotto Max is a well-known Canadian lottery game invented in 2009. It is one of the top 3 national lottery games of Canada. In Lotto Max players need to choose seven numbers out of 50. This lottery game offers jackpots starting at CA$10 million. When the jackpot reaches $50million, additional drawings are conducted for extra MaxMillions prizes worth $1 million each. Lotto Max draws are conducted on Fridays. 

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